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Ovester believes in the importance and power of the community, and that is why many of our services, guides and information are focused on bringing people and communities together

What makes a community…

The technical definition of a community is a group of individuals living in the same area or having something specific in common. For some, the term can be seen as negative, focusing on what makes us unique, rather than what we have common. However, this view relates more to how the communities and groups interact with the outside world rather than what they represent. Communities and belonging to them are important, as it helps us to identify and communicate with people from similar backgrounds and experiences, from the same race, religions, sexual orientations, life choices, in reality, what is and constitutes a community is endless.


Being part of a community should not be about exclusion instead uniting, exchanging and sharing of information. When we open up our community and welcome all those that are interested in learning more, we can break down barriers and help the world understand more about who we are and how much we all have in common.


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Introducing Gayther

Gayther is passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, not just about advocating but helping the world in seeing and understanding the diverse and amazing individuals that form this exceptional community. A community that has been around for thousands of years, and it is the only group that represents every country, race, religion and speaks every language across the entire globe. Discover Gayther for yourself by visiting today


Introducing Iamlet

Iamlet is a global citizen resource, focusing on all things property related. Whether looking to buy, sell, rent, or you require home-related services, Iamlet is a simple yet effective global property site. Discover Iamlet for yourself by visiting today

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We have several community-related projects in progress, so watch this space