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The world is made up of extensive collections of data and information. Statistics, trends and patterns that can help inform and improve our understanding. Ovester, over the years, has amassed large repositories of information, data, images and statistics that we have compiled, analysed and utilised within the many solutions we offer
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We aim to create platforms that help all visitors understand and learn more about the world around them.
Creating a literary work can be challenging. It takes effort and commitment, from the initial concept to crafting the manuscript. Once completed, going from manuscript to publication can be difficult and complex, and this is where Ovester can help launch your creative works to the world. The publishing division follows a hybrid model, working with the author to produce top-quality books in a variety of formats and platforms.
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Ovester believes it is important to share and connect with people from all different backgrounds and all parts of the world. Media and news outlets provide an essential and valuable service of reporting, analysing and informing communities and societies across the globe. With the vast catalogue of data, analysis and informed commentary, we believe we can help to contribute and strengthen stories and articles by sharing our thoughts, voice and findings.
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Learn more about all of the resources available on Ovester. Whether the country lookup tool or one of the world’s largest LGBTQIA+ community services, Ovester has a lot to offer

Ovester is a data, information and analytics company that builds needs-based solutions. Over the years, we have amassed a vast collection of data, from statics, geographical (geolocations), bespoke maps, weather and country-related information and much more

We use our data collections to link, analyse and create meaningful extracts that help define and shape solutions. Facts-based commentary on social issues and challenges are all designed to help inform and deepen our understanding of often unknown or complex themes and subjects. Solutions that make products and services more accessible while innovating and expanding our offerings to our customers.

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