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Ovester Publishing started in 2017, and follows a hybrid model, working with our authors to produce top quality books in a variety of formats.  Our authors and their books are aligned to our mission, which is focused around helping our customers, whether directly or indirectly, to learn more about the world around them, which can be places, themes or even technical subjects.


Our hybrid model and approach, help self-published authors enter the competitive world of book publishing, at the same time, giving them the freedom and say in relation to their own works.  Over the past ten years, self-publishing has risen in popularity, however writing a quality book, is only part of the challenge and getting from a finished manuscript to a published book, can be a mind field, this is where Ovester Publishing can help.


Ovester Publishing offers a broad range of services and tools that not only support but also work collaboratively with our customers.


In addition to the hybrid publishing model, Ovester Publishing has a number of activities in development to offer services to self-publishing authors and related providers, so watch this space.

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An electronic book (or eBook) are electronic versions of books that can be read on a variety of laptop, computers or devices (such as Nook, Kindle readers, etc.).  The most widely used formats of eBooks are PDF (portable document format), Epub and AZW (previously called MOBI).

Printed Books

Traditional printed books typically come in a variety of sizes and are available in paperback or hardback.  For most paperbacks, the most common formats are a-format where the dimensions of the book are typically 178mm x 110mm, b-format where the dimensions of the book are 198mm x 129mm, and all other formats will commonly be referred to as trade publications.