Cypriana: A moving story and rare insight into the culture and people of Northern Cyprus

Atilla Tiriyaki | August 5, 2017 | London, United Kingdom
Join Aziz, an American-born Turkish Cypriot, on a journey of self-discovery as he returns to Cyprus following the death of his elderly grandfather. Cypriana is a funny and moving story that provides a rare insight into the lives, culture, and colourful characters of this beautiful Mediterranean island within Northern Cyprus.
Cypriana is the perfect book to take with you this summer as you discover more about the island and its people. The story is focused around Aziz, who, after the devastation of being left by his fiancé just hours before his wedding, is forced to reevaluate his life and takes the ultimate decision to relocate to London to start a new life. Just as he starts to get his life back on track, he receives news that his elderly grandfather has passed away. His grandfather, a strong and opinionated man who had a significant influence on his childhood, died, leaving him with many unanswered questions.
“Many of the situations and characters are loosely based on my own experiences in Cyprus. A country and people that are very close and important to me, and I wanted to give people the opportunity to discover more about the real people of this amazing island,” says Atilla Tiriyaki, the author of Cypriana
With Aziz and his family wanting to follow Turkish traditions, the race was on to not only get his grandfather’s body back to Cyprus but also to make all of the necessary arrangements for the funeral. From disasters that quickly ensue, with the wrong body arriving and having to become naturalised, Aziz begins to remember unique aspects of his culture and all of the experiences that he had long forgotten from his childhood. This moving story, with its highs and lows, is one of a young man dealing with the loss of someone important to him and, at the same time, reconnecting with his family and culture. Aziz’s journey of discovery provides a unique perspective on Northern Cyprus, which will make you laugh and cry. Throughout the story, Aziz learns more about himself and his rather vast and crazy extended family, only to find that his relationship with his grandfather wasn’t quite as he had remembered.
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Cypriana is a must-have book for your summer collection and is available in both paperback and ebook format from all major booksellers. It will be released on 05 August 2017, and for the latest discounts and offers, visit Ovester Publishing’s online store at https://ovester.com/store.

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