Ovester Payments - Failed Transaction
–  your payment was not successful
Check your card or account details and try again. If the problem persists, you may need to contact your card issuer or use an alternative payment method.

Here is a list of common payment issues:
  • Declined by your provider – the problem could be with your card issuer or payment account provider. You may need to contact them to resolve the issue.
  • 3D Secure Verification issues – as an added level of security, many card issuers require a 3D secure verification in which you are required to provide a password, a visual confirmation or some other form of security check. If your payment failed, you might need to check the password or codes that you used when configuring the 3D secure verification and try again
  • Two Factor Authentication – to access your account you may have two-factor authentication enabled. When logging in, you will typically receive a code via email or by phone or through a code made available in your authentication application. Check your email, phone or app and try again
  • Insufficient Funds – you may not have sufficient funds to cover the cost. Check your account or card balance before trying again
  • Fraud – sadly payment fraud is commonplace if you suspect that you might be a victim of fraud, immediately contact your payment provider
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