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Fiction Writer


Atilla Tiriyaki published his debut novel, Cypriana in 2017. Cypriana is centred around a young American born Turkish Cypriot, Aziz, who returns to Cyprus following the death of his elderly grandfather. Cypriana is funny, and moving story that provides a rare insight into the lives, culture, and colourful characters that make up Northern Cyprus.


The book draws inspiration from Atilla’s own life, as he, himself, comes from a diverse background. Growing up in London, and coming from a Turkish Cypriot family, provided him with a great insight to help in the creation and development of the key characters within the story.


Atilla made a career writing technical documentation within large corporations. It was a career break in 2016, which gave him the opportunity to create his first fictional book. A well-travelled individual, visiting over 50 countries, has provided him with opportunities to not only have a wealth of experiences, but to also observe a broad range of characters, and personalities.


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Business / Technical Writer


Peter C. Williams is an experienced and highly skilled change consultant in the European Financial Services industry. Peter has used his 20 years of commercial experience to write a number of technical books, which provides the reader with practical advice, based on experience rather than theory. Peter’s unique writing style and approach is fun, and he often tackles difficult and complex subjects, making them much easier to understand.


All of Peter’s books provide practical advice based on his diverse skill set, of which includes a strong range of delivery and analytical skills, coupled with a proven track record in driving and delivering multi-million dollar projects (regulatory, separation, divestment, integration and transformation programmes). Peter is an experienced problem solver in a change management environment, including process automation, organisational re-designs activities and much more.


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