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Peter Williams | October 1, 208 | London, United Kingdom
Follow in the footsteps of the Greek Gods with this fresh approach to project management! Recently launched, Greek Gods’ take on the Effective Project Manager and Superhero’s take on the Experienced Analyst are two ground-breaking books which provide a unique and innovative approach to two key management competencies. Penned by Peter C Williams, using his knowledge and experiences, these books offer a practical and entertaining method of obtaining the knowledge you need to transform the way you analyse information and manage projects. No matter what sector you operate in or your level of experience, these books offer the insight you need to succeed.
Ovester Publications - Greek Gods' take on the Effective Project Manager
Greek Gods' take on the Effective Project Manager
Since time immemorial, people have had to undertake projects. Who better than the Greek Gods to provide the insight and wisdom you need to manage the project life cycle successfully at every stage? With more than twenty years of commercial experience behind him, Williams has extensive knowledge not only of the theory of project management but also the experience of dealing with the more complex aspects, including troubleshooting, making relationships work, stakeholder management, managing sponsors effectively and much more. Whether you are new to project management or are experienced and would value some additional tips and tricks, the Greek Gods are on hand to provide exactly what you need!
Superhero's take on the Experienced Analyst
Analysis is a vital part of almost every management role. From stakeholder management through to communication, requirements modelling, effective research and more, why not let Captain Analyticum be your guide? Suitable for analysts of all levels, this book allows you to unleash your inner superhero and their analytic powers!
Peter C. Williams says, “I created the books to act as a personal coach or mentor, not just to explain a particular area or field, but also to provide easy-to-understand examples and definitions. The books cover a broad range of subjects that will provide areas of interest to both the novice and the experienced professional. Ultimately, I hope that the books will become a reference guide that the reader will use continually throughout their career.”
Great technical books from Ovester Publishing
A fresh publisher with a talent for showcasing innovation, Ovester strives to offer technical books which don’t just convey information but do so in an accessible manner that’s always appealing. Williams’ books are easy to understand and include hands-on experiences and examples. Suitable for practitioners at all stages, there is no experience needed to get plenty of benefit from these books. A readable format and engaging, colourful illustrations ensure these books are an appealing read as well as a useful one.
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If you want to hone your project management and analysis skills at the same time in the formats that best work for you, you can find the books available in both paperback and ebook formats from all major booksellers. For the latest discounts and offers, visit Ovester Publishing’s online store at https://ovester.com/store. To gain a flavour of the books’ content, go to https://ovester.com/publishing/publications/ to read a sample of these engaging, entertaining and useful publications by Peter C Williams.

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